Limited Release Pinot Noir, 2011
Limited Release Pinot Noir, 2011

Limited Release Pinot Noir, 2011

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The best areas of the Pinot Noir vineyard was identified and throughout the viticulture season, these vines received particular and very careful management. The grapes from these vines were kept separate and the 10 barrels these vines produced were monitored through the barrel aging process. Finally the best two of these barrels of wine were selected by the winemaker as being the best two barrels from the vintage.

A very limited amount of wine was then bottled, and the balance of the barrels were blended in with the Estate Pinot Noir. The Estate Pinot Noir was ranked a 95/100 by Huon Hooke...Huon didn't taste the Limited Release so we can only wonder what he would have rated that at!

I tried a bottle of this wine recently and was simply blown away by the fruit flavours, the complexity and length of the finish...If you want a bottle to cellar and really impress your wine buddies...then you must get some of this...