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Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)
Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)
Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)
Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)
Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)

Riesling Sampler - Vertical (6btls)

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A wonderful sampler case for the regular Riesling drinker and for the one who has never had it before. No queuing in supermarkets; have SIX delivered. Better yet, get some friends together and have a glass with them while you catch up! 

Back by popular demand!

Riesling, with its complexity of flavour and downright deliciousness is the oft forgotten gold of the wine industry. Many vineyards don't make good Riesling so its reputation has been tainted.

We're here to change that with this case. 

They're all produced to an off-dry style providing that perfect complexity good Riesling inherently has while also avoiding that sickly sweet drink that has tainted its reputation for many a wine drinker. 

This 6 bottle case of Alana Rieslings allows you undertake what is referred to as a "Vertical Tasting". 

This type of tasting allows you to taste the differences between the Rieslings spanning four consecutive vintages to really understand the effect variations in growing climate across vintages and cellaring, amongst other things, has on the final product in your glass. 

This Vertical Sampler Case includes two bottles of the 2016 Alana Estate Riesling which scored 94/100 Points from Sam Kim. A score of this caliber is reserved for wines of truly outstanding quality, that exemplify regional type and exhibit varietal purity.

Futhermore, the 2017 Riesling scored 93/100 Points, 5/5 Stars, the 2018 Riesling scored 91/100 Points, 4.5/5 Stars, and the 2019 Riesling scored 90/100 Points, 4.5/5 Stars. These incredible scores show just how great this case truly is and at ONLY $90, this is a deal no to be missed!

These Rieslings will keep very well in your cellar so it is a perfect wine to stock up on.

This case has the following wines: 

2016, Alana Estate Riesling x2

2017, Alana Estate Riesling x2

2018, Alana Estate Riesling x1

2019, Alana Estate Riesling x1

Create your own wine and food feast. These Riesling's are the perfect wine to pair with spicy cuisine due to their nice acidity and very subtle sweetness.