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Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)
Traveller's Case - Red Wines  (12btls)

Traveller's Case - Red Wines (12btls)

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Just 13 of these left before they're all gone! 

Globe-trot and jet-set from the comfort of your dining table or lazy-boy. A true travellers case of wine featuring 12 exotic bottles of six exotic wines from different locations. Double up for double the enjoyment. 

Your Traveller's Itinerary

Start your trip with a gem from the historically rich, Heilbronn Basin with a rare varietal - Trollinger. From the basin to the mountains, enjoy the view of this full flavoured Abruzzo swirling in your glass on a picturesque Italian hillside.

Take a Nice trip through famous French cities on your way to the house of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, in Bordeaux. Take plenty of stops on the drive as you've got nothing Toulouse. Enjoy this stunning Bordeaux and everything it offers. 

From France, head over the border and into the luscious lands of Spain for this delicious Tempranillo. Board a flight from Spain to the South Africa for a glass of paradise of this "classic from the cape"; a Merlot dedicated to the South Africa's national icon, the Paradise Crane. 

Fly now to your final stop and tour Valdivieso, a top Chilean producer bringing the heat with this full bodied, deep, dark, intense, Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy this memorable wine at the conclusion of your travels.

Germany - Weingut Drautz-Able Trollinger, 2017

The Heilbronn Basin offers ideal conditions for viticulture with little rainfall and lots of sun. The soils are dominated by colored marl and weathered sandstone soils. The wine smells of ripe blackberries and has a minerality shaped by the terroir. A perfect representative of his homeland from the traditional Drautz-Able winery. The Trollinger Varietal is almost exclusively grown in this region and is a wine that could best be described as a hearty Rosé as opposed to what you would think of as a "glass of red wine". 

It goes well with starters, pasta dishes, Swabian Sunday roast, poultry, Swabian sausage and Maultaschen.

Italy - Borgo Thaulero Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2018

The typical red grape variety of Abruzzo. The mountainous region between the Adriatic and the Apennines offers ideal conditions for this red wine full of flavor and temperament. It goes well with Italian cuisine as well as with roasts and savory dish

France - Baron Philippe de Rothschild Berger Rouge, 2018

A velvety soft and pleasantly fruity red wine. Well-structured, distinctive fruit bouquet, harmonious tannin-acid ratio, full-bodied and smooth. Classic Bordeaux blend made from the traditional grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. An extraordinary drop from the famous Rothschild house with an excellent price-benefit ratio!

Spain - Candidato Tempranillo Barrique, 2017

A wonderfully round Tempranillo with a nice note of vanilla, which combines deliciously with aromas of red berries and cedar wood. It shows structure and delicacy due to the three-month aging in barriques. Bouquet of ripe wild berries and plums. Very elegant in the finish. 

South Africa - Goedverwacht Crane Red Merlot, 2018

The estate owner Jan du Toit dedicated the Merlot "Crane Red" to the Paradise Crane, a rare species of crane in the country and the national symbol of South Africa. Try a Merlot that promises guaranteed enjoyment. Soft, round and single-origin. Because of its youth, it is characterized by the fragrant, sympathetic freshness that is so much appreciated in Cape wines. A real classic from the Cape!

Chile - Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon - convincingly presented by the top Chilean producer Valdivieso. Characteristic for this Cabernet Sauvignon are its deep, dark garnet-red color and the intense aroma. Its taste is reminiscent of lush berry fruits. Very material and with a lot of structure!