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Ultimate Riesling Tasting Case V2 (12btls)
Ultimate Riesling Tasting Case V2 (12btls)
Ultimate Riesling Tasting Case V2 (12btls)

Ultimate Riesling Tasting Case V2 (12btls)

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Version 2.0 of the immensely popular Ultimate Riesling Tasting Case. Upgraded. 

Now including a 2009 Estate Riesling that is again, a vintage Riesling from our library stock and drinking gorgeously right now.

On Saturday night, Dad (Mike) and I (Nate) tasted this 2009 Riesling and were blown away. It's refreshing as soon as it hits your palate.  A nice, forward tropical pineapple acidity perfectly and subtly balanced with gentle sweetness. 

Dad then suggested we let it open up and allow to breathe and 40 minutes later, the first words out of our mouths were "WOW!". It opened up exquisitely and just got better! The mouthfeel evolved to be more filling and the sweetness nicer to perfectly underscore it like a gentle honey. 

These Rieslings will keep very well in your cellar so it is a perfect case to stock up on. With such a limited quantity of only 56 being released. 

The 2016 Alana Estate Riesling scored 94/100 Points, 5 Stars from Sam Kim. A score of this caliber is reserved for wines of truly outstanding quality, that exemplify regional type and exhibit varietal purity. This case has three bottles of this outstanding Riesling

This case has the following wines: 

2009 Alana Estate Riesling x1 {From our Library stock - stunning right now!}

2015, Alana Estate Riesling x2 {93 Points, 5 Stars}

2016, Alana Estate Riesling x3 {94 Points, 5 Stars}

2017, Alana Estate Riesling x2 {93 Points, 5 Stars}

2018, Alana Estate Riesling x3 {91 Points, 4.5 Stars}

2014, Alana Late Harvest x1 {93 Points, 5 Stars}

Version 2.0 has three of each of our Estate 2016 and 2018 Riesling's to fill your cellar and treat your palate. 

This case allows you to taste the differences between the Rieslings spanning six (five consecutive) vintages to really understand the effect variations in climate and cellaring, amongst other things, has on the final product in your glass.

Finish off with the succulent amber that is our 2014 Alana Late Harvest dessert wine. Perfect over ice. This is the absolute favourite of our dispatch man, Malcolm. 

Pair with: Spicy foods