Aerstone Land Cask Whisky 700ml
Aerstone Land Cask Whisky 700ml

Aerstone Land Cask Whisky 700ml

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Nate's Notes: 

A perfect peated whisky. At this price I don't see how. It's insane how this good of a whisky is possible at this price. I would hand's down choose this (and the Sea cask because i love a good tasting flight) over many other much more expensive whisky's. 

Gold in colour, slight sweetness and a lingering smokiness (peat) 
The perfect way to finish a long week and wind down with on a Friday night
(how I'm drinking this right now)


ABV 40%, 700ML…

Further inland… These whiskies hero the use of highland peat and are therefore rich and smoky in character.

NOSE - Rich and punchy peat with layers of coal tar and damp bonfire smoke - punctuated with vibrant, zesty citrus notes.

TASTE - The initial rush of peat and wood smoke is followed by a gentle sweetness. Hints of spice and ripe fruits enveloped in smoke.

FINISH - Long lasting smokiness.

Minimum order of 3 bottles mixed and matched across our range of wines and spirits.