Jameson Irish Whiskey The Cooper's Croze 700ml

Jameson Irish Whiskey The Cooper's Croze 700ml

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The Cooper’s Croze is a whiskey that showcases the diversity of barrels on the grounds of our distillery in Midleton. A maturation process that includes virgin American oak barrels, seasoned bourbon barrels and Iberian sherry casks delivers a whiskey with vanilla sweetness, rich fruit flavours and a fine balance of floral and spice notes. Oak’s influence on a whiskey’s character can’t be understated, and The Cooper’s Croze is a perfect illustration of this relationship. You can take whiskey out of wood but you can never take the wood out of whiskey.

Tasting Notes

Nose: A subtle flower petal-perfume develops into rich ripe fruits, while some charred oak and cedar wood bring balance and complexity – a seamless infusion of American and Spanish oak character.

Taste: The initial impression is from the sweet vanilla of the American ex-bourbon barrels. This brings added depth to the rich fruits typical of the ex-oloroso sherry butts. A pleasant touch of hazelnut and toasted wood complement the pot still spices. The finish is pleasantly long, with vanilla sweetness slowly fading to barley grains with a touch of oak char.

Drink - neat or on the rocks

Minimum order of 3 bottles mixed and matched across our range of wines and spirits.