France: Champagne, Gobillard and Fils – White, Hautvillers

Hautvillers is rich in history thanks to its Monk Dom Pérignon This beautiful village surrounded by the forest of HAUTVILLERS, offers many surprises. The origin of Hautvillers is directly related to the existence of its Abbey. The Abbey experienced many upheavals over the centuries since it was looted nearly 17 times. In 1668, a Benedictine monk arrives at Hautvillers. Dom Pérignon was a surprisingly modern and perfectionist gentleman. At this time, the economic situation was not good, the Abbey was recovering badly from the fire caused by the Huguenots, the rents are not enough any more and viticulture brings back little in the way of economic return. Thanks to Dom Pérignon, the vineyard took a expanded greatly, not only in Hautvillers but in all the region. Around 1681, Dom Pérignon made the Abbey of Hautvillers “the Cradle of Champagne” He cultivated the vines, chose the combination of the grapes and the winemaking. The wines made under his direction were eagerly sought after. Dom gave birth to the first champagne bubbles. He developed:     The blending of the wines in order to extract the remaining deposit in the bottle. The cork that replaced the wooden peg and tallow    He changed the shape of the bottles (bottom dug) by increasing its thickness to make them more resistant to pressure. The Champagne wine quickly became a very famous drink thanks to the 1st Minister of Louis XIV. It was Colbert who made Champagne known. Dom Pérignon died in 1715, he is buried in the Church of Hautvillers under a marble slab near the sanctuary. That is why, Hautvillers, Pearl of Champagne, a picturesque and unmissable site of the Region, located in the Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims, takes you to the heart of the history of a village where you can stroll, to that we call it, “the cradle of champagne” 30% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier   Traditional blend of three Champagne grape varieties. Minimum 2 years aging in cellar. Fine and elegant nose, supple and balanced in the mouth. An ample Champagne with rich and well-melted aromas.


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