Germany: Dry Riesling, Schloss Vollrads vineyard, edition 1716

Schloss Vollrads is one of the oldest vineyards in the world, dating back 850 years, specialising totally in Rieslings. The term Cabinet (Kabinett) was the first quality definition for wine in the world. A document from 1716 proves that this term was established by Schloss Vollrads. Today, Kabinett is a grade for fine light wines with a low alcoholic level. This 2015 is a dry Riesling and a special edition noting the 1716 document. As far as German Rieslings go this is the pinnacle of age and history.

This is a stunning Riesling from the most famous Riesling area in Germany and from the oldest vineyard in the world. These guys understand Riesling. Only 60 bottles available.

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