Wine Fundraisers

Fundraising with Alana Wines

Does your organisation, team, group, or cause need to fundraise? We Can Help!
Get in touch with Glen today via the form below or E: / Ph: 0273444729

How it works

Before Starting

  1. Contact us - Let us know you're interested in running a wine fundraiser.
  2. We'll send through the following: Wine list with tasting notes, images and scores, Fundraiser pricing, An Order form template, and a Link to a shared spreadsheet to track orders.
  3. You decide which wines you want to offer and how much you want to sell them for. 
  4. Decide on an end date for the fundraiser.
  5. Edit the order form with the wines you're offering, prices, end date, and your branding. 

    During the fundraiser

    1. Advertise the wines – Teachers, parents, local businesses, etc
    2. As orders come in, enter them into our shared spreadsheet and collect payment. 

    Once it has finished

    1. Make sure all orders are on our shared spreadsheet and that everyone has paid for their order.
    2. Confirm this with us. 
    3. We'll generate totals for each wine and provide an invoice. 
    4. Upon payment of invoice via bank deposit, we will deliver your order to one address. 
    5. You distribute the orders to the purchasers.

    Contact Us via the contact page

    Shipping for whole order: Wellington Region - included. Outside of wellington region - additional quoted at the end of the fundraiser.