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New Zealand

Karamu Coffee Deluxe Fairtrade Beans

Karamu Coffee Deluxe Fairtrade Beans

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We are proud to partner with our friends at Karamu Coffee to provide you with fresh daily roasted coffee with your wine deliveries.

Blended from Mexican Chiapas, Nicaraguan Segovia, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe & Sidamo beans, giving a bright floral front with a smooth rich caramel finish.
Roasted medium to dark.

Roasted right here in Wellington, Karamu coffee is consistently smooth, delicious and rich – And it feels as good as it tastes. We look after the environment, and everyone involved in producing our coffee. From the people who grow and pick the beans, to the barista who hands you your cup. We have been perfecting our craft since 2007, developing a range of blends to suit every taste – Whether you are enjoying a barista made coffee at your local cafe, or whipping one up in the comfort of your own home.

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