About Us

Glen and Karen Molloy
Meet Alana’s owners, local Petone couple Glen and Karen Molloy along with their 3 kids have taken the helm of Alana Wines. Glen has a long history in sales and marketing and wants to bring those skills with Alana. If life isn’t busy enough running kids between school and sports they also have 2 dogs who love their frequent walks on Petone beach.

Glen first fell in love with wine growing up in Eastbourne, where his father built a walk-in cellar. He filled this with wines from all over the world. Glen’s father, John would teach his four boys how to select a wine for the evening meal, making sure it paired nicely with the food. He would test them from time to time asking them to taste a wine and see if they could pick the variety and for extra points where it was from. Glen had many found memories travelling as a kid, as inevitable at some point they ended up at a beautiful vineyard tasting new wines.

One of the highlights for Glen is he gets to work with two of his kids. After school they bus down to the warehouse where they hand label the wine, and box it ready for the courier to deliver to our wonderful customers. Glen chooses to hand label the wine for two reasons, he says ‘ hand labeling can reduce cost this way which enables us to sell high quality boutique wine at affordable prices. Secondly hand labeling allows us to print and design any label our customers want, we do personalized wine labels for builders, Estate agents, lawyers basically anybody who wants to gift their customers a personalized wine bottle.

Glen’s favorite wine, this is a hard call, it has to be between the 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé which recently won a gold medal, this is my favorite summer wine, but I would have to go with the Magnum of 2014 Pinot Noir Limited Release which was given 96 points by Sam Kim, Wine Orbit. This wine is such a joy to drink and being a magnum is a great show piece for a family gathering. The Pinot is beautifully matured with complex velvety finish.

This year is somewhat of a milestone for Alana as we are celebrating the 30th year since Alana was first launched. Alana has a strong following in the wider Wellington region with many visitors to Alana through the summer concerts where classic bands played amongst the vines from Blondi , The Pretenders to Crowded House and Gin Wigmore.

This year Glen has launched a new charitable label ‘Support Ukraine’ with the NZ Red Cross where Alana will contribute $36 per case (12 bottles) towards the incredible work the Red Cross are doing helping families recover from the trauma of war. Glen believes in giving back to communities both here and overseas, and is always on the lookout to partner with charities who are truly making a difference in people’s lives.