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Alana is a premium boutique winery situated in the heart of Martinborough – the world class wine village located 75 minutes’ drive from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city at the foot of the North Island.
The company operates a cellar door in a beautiful setting.  The vineyards are planted on old river gravels which provide an optimum soil environment for producing quality wine. There is minimal spraying of any kind and all vineyard work is performed by hand.
Alana was established in 1993 and is now one of Martinborough’s leading producers.  It is a fully integrated wine company; it grows grapes, makes the wine in its state of the Art winery with minimal intervention and markets the finished product to a select cliental both worldwide and within New Zealand.
The wines are crafted with care resulting in quality wine with a collage of subtle complexities which are a combination of terroir, growing season climate, viticulture and exceptional winemaking.
Alana’s winemaker, Alastair Gardner, has been involved in Alana since 2015. Alastair has experience making wines around the world, spanning through New Zealand, Spain and France. Alastair has a passion for minimalist wine making, utilizing native yeast, low levels of SO2 and concentrating on letting the grapes express themselves.