Freedom. Empowerment. Hope.

Modern slavery isn’t confined to the history books. It remains a $150 billion industry and many of us may feel like it’s an issue too enormous to tackle.
We can all make a difference in the choices we make, the organisations we support,
and the products we purchase.
BUYING good means DOING good, which is what the Freedom range by Alana Estate is all about.

Choose Freedom

Help bring an end to modern slavery. Freedom by Alana Estate supports the empowerment of women in India, with $3 from every bottle sold going directly to our partners at Joyya and The Loyal Workshop.

By choosing Freedom, you’ll be supporting Joyya and The Loyal Workshop in their work to provide alternative employment for women and girls who live in communities impacted by modern slavery. Every bottle helps to bring incredible women from these communities together: igniting creativity and spreading joy.

  • Alana Estate produces delectable wine varietals for our Freedom range, right here in Aotearoa.

  • You DO good by BUYING good, then enjoy your favourite Freedom wine with friends and family.

  • $3 from every bottle purchased goes to Joyya and The Loyal Workshop to eradicate modern slavery.

Our Commitment

Transparency is important to us. Alana Estate is committed to donating $3 from EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE of our Freedom Range sold – regardless of profit margins on any given harvest or financial year.

We’ll drink to that.

Meet the Freedom Fighters

Freedom by Alana Estate is proud to partner with Joyya and The Loyal Workshop. Both of these trusted and Fair Trade Certified organisations offer alternative employment, empowerment and support to women living in communities affected by modern slavery in Kolkata, India. The incredible and inspiring work they do creates economic opportunities that empower women to make healthy, joyous and purpose-driven choices for themselves and their families