Fundraiser FAQ's

Can we run a fundraiser if we're outside of the Wellington region? 
You sure can! Please get in touch with us to confirm how this will work. Please note, additional, separate freight costs for the bulk of your order will apply. 

How is payment to be made?
Upon being invoiced with the final totals, payment is to be made via bank transfer to us directly.  

What if we need deliveries of orders to more than one place?
Delivery on the bulk of your order to one location in the Wellington region is included with your order. If you have other orders that you'd like us to deliver, either around Wellington or elsewhere, the shipping costs are below.   
- Rest of North Island is $8 / 12pack
- South Island is $12 / 12 pack.

What are the age requirements?
Please note that for those under the age of 18, parents teachers or coaches must run this run fundraiser. please ensure you gain confirmation that the purchaser of the wine is over the age of 18 years as no wine can be sold to anyone under the age of 18.