Licence & Host Responsibility

Host Responsibility Policy

January 2023

Alana New Zealand Ltd Host Responsibility Policy encompasses the following:

  • Preventing intoxication. As a remote seller we see our role as not delivering to intoxicated persons
  • Not serving alcohol to minors. As a remote seller we see our role as not delivering to Minors and do ensure through the use of age gates and various tick boxes, initially by gaining access to our website and then at purchase time a tickbox asking that the person ordering is over 18 and will also ensure that the person receiving the goods is also 18+. Our delivery drivers are asked to not leave wine with a minor who answers the door and with no 18+ at home.
  • Providing and actively promoting alternatives, such as low and non-alcoholic beverages. This is not relevant in a remote access situation.
  • Providing and promoting an appropriate food selection. This is not relevant to a remote seller however as a seller of fine wines we do promote food and wine matches.


Alana New Zealand Limited

Licence Number: 048/OFF/0030/22

Expires: 21st December 2023